TTP – Enlightened Brewing Company Promo

Andy, Jim an Jesus talk a little bit about the next interview with Enlightened Brewing company. The guys sample one of their beers, Kettle Logic, the amber that doesn’t suck!

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TTP Episode 25 – Central Waters Part 3

The 3rd and final part of our Central Waters Brewing interview with Anello and Simon should be titled “The Breaking News Portion!” We’ve got the scoop on a brand new entry into the Brewer’s Reserve Series in January, an update on Cassian Sunset production…and a possible return of Peruvian Morning?! Plus Beer News with a developing story on a Central Waters “Black Gold” tap takeover at Kindred in Milwaukee, our Pumpkin Picks for seasonal beers, and more info on special bottle releases all around town! Cheers!

TTP Episode 24 – Central Waters Part 2

In part 2 of 3 we rejoin the interview with Anello and Simon from Central Waters Brewing right where we left off, talking about the Exodus sour from years ago. Will there be a return to Sour Beers for these barrel-aging pioneers? We dive into the secrets behind the Anniversary Stouts, the River Run charity event and Black Gold release party, as well as Anello’s very first contribution to Central Waters – the award-winning Y2K barleywine! Plus the Tap Takeover Podcast crew conducts a live tasting of the entire Brewer’s Reserve Series. Grab a pint and join us now, and tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to this amazing interview!

TTP Episode 23 – Central Waters Part 1

With one of the greatest barrel-aging programs in the country, Central Waters Brewing has built a cult following of rabid fans who will drive to Amherst, WI anytime of the year for these liquid treasures. Fortunately, owner Anello Mollica and lead brewer Simon Nielsen found time to sit down with the Tap Takeover Podcast! Welcome to the first episode in our three-part Central Waters interview series. In Part 1 we’ll talk about the base beers for the three year barrel-aged Black Gold, their core lineup of eclectic beers, how Anello and Paul came to own the brewery, and the long and arduous road that Simon took to join them. Plus a focus on special releases in Beer News! Cheers!

TTP Episode 22 – Fermentorium

The Tap Takeover Podcast takes the show on the road again, this week to Cedarburg, WI to sit down with Mitch Bushner (Director of Media) and Karl Wendtlandt (Brewmaster) at The Fermentorium! A newer, upcoming brewery with two Firkin Fest awards already to their name, the folks at the Fermentorium are producing some high quality liquid. And with a new special release scheduled every Thursday, they are able to push the limits of traditional styles with their innovative recipes. Plus we’ve got Beer News and a live tasting of a few barrel-aged treasures from The Fermentorium. Cheers!