Recording Episode 3 – Western Michigan tour









Here is who is taking over our taps tonight as we record Episode 3 tonight. A whirlwind tour of Western Michigan

Darkhorse – The Livery – Bell’s – Odd Side

Tap List:
Darkhorse –
BBA 2016 Plead the 5th
BBA 2015 Plead the 5th
2016 Plead the 5th
2015 Plead the 5th
2016 Bourbrum PT5
6 Pairs of Legs BBA Maple Porter
BBA 4 Guy IR Barleywine stout

The Livery –
BBA Triple Weizenbock
BBA Liverator
BBA Sojourner

Bells –
2016 Black Note (both batches)

Odd Side –
BBA Imperial Mayan Mocha
Hipster Brunch
Rye Hipster Brunch
Hazel’s Nuts

TTP Episode 2 – Milwaukee Brewing Company

The boys at the Tap Takeover Podcast welcome you into the Solid Non Fail Studio to have a beer and enjoy Episode 2! We continue our Brewery Interview Series with a special conversation with Jim McCabe, owner of Milwaukee Brewing Company. Loads to talk about as we do a live tasting at the brewery, get into the barrel-aging program which has won several awards in recent years, delve into the challenges of expanding brewery operations, and we get to know Jim McCabe – the brewer and the beer lover. And did we mention a Fire Truck?! So pour yourself a Gin-Barrel Aged O-Gii (aka NOT Godzilla), or a Brandy-Barrel Aged Louie’s Resurrection, and come join us for an adventure into Beer Craft.

TTP Episode 1 – Lakefront Brewery

Episode 1 of the Tap Takeover Podcast is live!

We here at the Solid Non Fail Studio are so very honored and excited to bring you the first episode in our brand new podcast series. With a focus on the Craft Brewing Industry, we begin our beer odyssey with an exclusive interview with Russ Klisch, the president of Lakefront Brewing in Milwaukee, WI. A true innovator of beer styles, Russ is responsible for many of the cutting edge new trends in the brewing industry over the past 2 decades.

The boys will be doing a vertical tasting of the 2013, ’14, ’15, & ’16 Black Friday beers. And we’ll pick Russ’ brain about the “My Turn” one-off series, the cellar-aging process, the “next generation” of beers coming to 2017, and new technologies in beer-tasting using the Fizzics Draft Beer system. We’ve got some attempts at “gotcha journalism,” as well as some teasers for next year’s Black Friday series, and even a bit of Breaking News. Cheers and Enjoy!

Episode 1 Preview

A preview of things to come…

And a challenge to Takeover our Taps with your ideas and suggestions. Our first episode will drop this Wednesday 1/11/17. Stay tuned…

Cheers from the Tap Takeover Podcast!