TTP Episode 13 – Noble Roots

Episode 13 of the Tap Takeover Podcast concludes our epic Green Bay beer weekend! And Noble Roots was such a great group of guys to end with. Only open a few months so far we sat down with Jordan, Alex, and Marvin to taste their flagship beers and discuss their plans for the future. We also cover the great beer cellaring debate, what it’s like working with family in the brewing business, plus we have some epic Beer News! Cheers!

TTP Episode 12 – Stillmank

This week, the Tap Takeover Podcast continues our Green Bay road trip with a visit to Stillmank Brewing! We meet with Owner/Brewer Brad Stillmank to cover his beginnings as a homebrewer, to his experience learning at Ska Brewing in Colorado, and finally his decision to settle into Northern Wisconsin and start his own brewery. We’ve got a live tasting of Stillmank’s tastiest brews, a brief history of canning beers, as well as Brad’s take on beer cellaring. Plus Beer News! Grab a cold one, and come join us for the journey. Cheers!