TTP Episode 11 – Milwaukee Beer Week

Come join the Tap Takeover Podcast for a special Bonus Episode this week, as we finally put a bow on our 2017 Milwaukee Beer Week experience! Starting at Stein & Dine, we’ve got interviews with breweries both familiar and new to the podcast, conversations with some of the fans who came out to see us at these great events, and we dive straight into some controversial topics. All this and Beer News in Episode 11! Cheers!

TTP Episode 10 – Badger State

Get ready to hit the road with the Tap Takeover Podcast as we travel up to Green Bay, Wisconsin to sit down with the innovators at Badger State Brewing. Nestled in the shadow of Lambeau Field, Sam and Brian serve up a mighty tasting of some of their flagship beers, as well as a flight of their wildest, most imaginative concoctions. What kind of beer does Mike McCarthy drink at Badger State? What does the local brewing scene in Green Bay look like? What’s new in this week’s Beer News? Come grab a cold one and find out! Cheers!

TTP Solemn Oath – John Barley

Jesus and Andy recently ran into John Barley, founder of Solemn Oath Brewery, at the Sugar Maple Bar in Milwaukee while recording an episode of the Tap Takeover Podcast. Listen in as they did a quick interview regarding Solemn Oath’s triumphant return to Wisconsin! Cheers!

TTP Episode 9 – Eagle Park

The Tap Takeover Podcast stays at home in Milwaukee this week to speak with the new kids on the block – Eagle Park Brewing! Jake and Jackson give us the lowdown on establishing a new brand in a crowded market, brewing with bourbon barrel-aged coffee beans, the challenges of navigating the legalities of brewing, and playing live music after too many high ABV craft beers. Come taste some of the freshest new beers in town with us! Cheers!