TTP Episode 38 – Explorium Brewpub

In today’s episode we are headed to the mall to check out The Explorium Brewpub with owner Mike Doble! We’ll be dipping into Mike’s cellar collection to taste some “inspiration beers” which have made an impact on The Explorium’s brewing philosophy. We’ll discuss some do’s and don’ts of social media, the role that food plays in the brewpub experience, the challenge of educating novice beer drinkers, and an update on the Great Globe Heist of 2017. Grab a pint of Carver’s Peanut Butter Stout and join us for the fun! Cheers!

2 Replies to “TTP Episode 38 – Explorium Brewpub”

  1. Just want to point out that “Hazy IPA” does not necessarily equal “New England IPA.” In this case it sounds like it’s just unfiltered. Typical Gotcha Journalism!

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