TTP Episode 52 – Hazy IPA Tasting

The Tap Takeover Podcast Crew get together for another special tasting episode. We wanted to pay tribute to the hazy beers of summer by trying the New England Style Hazy IPA’s. We’ll be discussing the transition of a “craze” into a “style,” what the additions of different hops at different times in the brewing process can mean for the flavor profiles, and the spectrum between “juicy” and “bitey.” The tasting begins with a side-by-side comparison of Eagle Park’s Demon Haze IPA and 1840’s New New Double IPA. Next up are two IPA’s from our trip to Decorah, IA to sit down with Bob and Justin at Pulpit Rock Brewing (interview episode to follow next week), with a single IPA Decorah’s Sweetheart and the double IPA Rhyme Animal. Then we round out our tasting with three offerings from the Brewing Projekt in Eau Claire, WI as we try the single-hopped Mosaic Dare Mighty Things, the single hopped Cryo-Citra “DMT,” and a Double version of the original DMT IPA. Grab a pint of something hazy and juicy and see if you agree with the guys’ assessment of the “haze craze!” Cheers!

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