Here is who is taking over our taps tonight as we record Episode 3 tonight. A whirlwind tour of Western Michigan

Darkhorse – The Livery – Bell’s – Odd Side

Tap List:
Darkhorse –
BBA 2016 Plead the 5th
BBA 2015 Plead the 5th
2016 Plead the 5th
2015 Plead the 5th
2016 Bourbrum PT5
6 Pairs of Legs BBA Maple Porter
BBA 4 Guy IR Barleywine stout

The Livery –
BBA Triple Weizenbock
BBA Liverator
BBA Sojourner

Bells –
2016 Black Note (both batches)

Odd Side –
BBA Imperial Mayan Mocha
Hipster Brunch
Rye Hipster Brunch
Hazel’s Nuts

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